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« General Hospital (HD, New, TV-14) Julian offers support; Sonny gets a strange text message; Kiki feels nervous; Franco tries to repay a favor; Griffin offers encouraging words.
The Doctors Seizures from Synthetic Marijuana? Nurse Survives a Knife Attack? (New, TV-PG) Seizures that are allegedly caused by synthetic marijuana are discussed; a nurse survives a violent knife attack; Michelle Tam presents pressure cooker recipes.
Harry Sportscaster James Brown, Rick Springfield Performs, DIY Matcha Cream Puffs (HD, New, TV-PG) Harry Connick Jr. entertains viewers with a variety of celebrity interviews, comedic segments, audience participation and human interest stories.
Dr. Phil Dr Phil You're Our Last Hope; Amazing Stories of Recovery (HD, New, TV-14) Dr. Phil discusses a major crisis in America, drug and alcohol addiction, which affects more than 28 million people, featuring updates with previous guests.

Empty Nest Two for the Road (TV-PG) Patrick and Emily's trip together back from New York worries Carol about their faithfulness; Harry battles a flu bug, and has to hear all of Carol's theories.
Night Court Russkie Business (TV-14) Yakov returns to get help in acquiring a visa to go back to Russia so he can visit his mother.
Night Court Jung and the Restless (TV-14) The gang sees a new side to their co-worker when they join Roz in an encounter group she's required to attend to mild her hostile attitude at work.
Night Court Top Judge (TV-14) Harry becomes uncharacteristically negative and morose after an elderly judge dies as a result of Harry's pranks.
Night Court Mac's Millions (TV-14) Mac quits after inheriting $2 million from his grandfather, leaving his friends at the mercy of the most useless court clerk in New York.
The Drew Carey Show A Shot in the Dark (TV-14) Drew mistakes Lewis for a jilted, and violent, ex-lover and accidentally shoots him in the leg; Marlo calls off her revenge on Drew after learning about Lewis.

Death Valley Days The Hoodoo Mine (TV-PG) When a prospector's partner double-crosses him and leaves him in the desert to die, a Native American girl saves him from certain death.
Death Valley Days Lost Sheep in Trinidad (TV-PG) An anthology of Western adventure stories based on the old American West, including that of the Death Valley.
Death Valley Days Dress for a Desert Girl (TV-PG) An anthology of Western adventure stories based on the old American West, including that of the Death Valley.
Death Valley Days Spring Rendezvous (TV-PG) An anthology of Western adventure stories based on the old American West, including that of the Death Valley.
Death Valley Days The Gold Mine on Main Street (TV-PG) An anthology of Western adventure stories based on the old American West, including that of the Death Valley.
Laramie Killer Odds (TV-PG) A down-on-his-luck man and on the run, and he runs into Jess Harper; he and Slim agree to help the man out by offering him a job on their ranch.

« Quincy, M.E. No Way to Treat a Flower (TV-PG) When autopsy results reveal that a teenage girl died of a disease that typically affects older people, Quincy tries to determine how she got the disease.
Murder, She Wrote For Whom the Ball Tolls (TV-PG) A place where Hemmingway once wrote is being considered for demolition, when one of the men trying to raze it, turns up dead.
Murder, She Wrote The Legacy of Borbey House (TV-PG) Two teenagers have their romantic night in the cemetary come to a screeching halt when they see a man crawling out of a grave; a repair leaves Jessica.
Little House on the Prairie Centennial (TV-PG) As a property-tax hike dampens spirits just before the country's centennial, a Russian immigrant's speech reminds the villagers that things could be much worse.

Hot Bench Gambling and Violence Vendetta?! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A woman is sent to the hospital after allegedly being attacked by her ex-boyfriend; a daycare provider is suing a grandmother for unpaid services.
The King of Queens Jung Frankenstein (HD, TV-PG) Carrie sends Doug to a therapist regarding his overeating, and he shows promise so Carrie asks the therapist to "help" with other issues behind Doug's back.
Rules of Engagement 3rd Wheel (HD, TV-14) Unbeknownst to Jeff, Audrey lies to Liz by telling her that she is on Jeff's list of women he would sleep with if Audrey were no longer around.
The Robert Irvine Show It's Time to Come Clean! You Slept with the Three of Us (HD, Repeat, TV-14) A man is having sex with his girlfriend's sister and cousin, so host Robert Irvine attempts to counsel them.
Mom Cotton Candy and Blended Fish (HD, TV-14) Bonnie and Christy go well out of their way in an attempt to help a sick friend in need; Violet is frustrated by the realities surrounding pregnancy.

« Unsolved Mysteries (TV-14) A host and narrator presents a series of reenactments of real-life crime stories involving missing persons cases, conspiracy theories and paranormal activity.
The FBI Files (TV-14) Real-life cases are reenacted for a look at the forensic techniques that FBI investigators have used to solve past cases and successfully prosecute criminals.
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals CNBC explores the various ways people have taken it upon themselves to use illegal ways to become rich, and turn the American dream into more of a nightmare.
The FBI Files The Initiation (HD, TV-14) Cleveland investigators reconsider the motive in a record store clerk's murder after recovering crucial evidence from the crime scene.

The Ladykillers (TV-14, R, **+) A charming, eccentric Southern professor and his gang of thieves try to silence an elderly widow, who has discovered their plans to rob a casino.
The Cosby Show Adventures in Babysitting (TV-G) Rudy convinces Martin to let her baby-sit Olivia while he and Denise are out of town; Cliff and a friend battle their wives in the annual pinochle tournament.
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